Day 221





Day 221… Phnom Penh… again.
Yet another local bus takes us back to Phnom Penh (approx 4 hrs)… and I am suffering with this damn sunburn. All year I have been fine and smart… now i a screw up once it’s painful as all hell. Even had to zip tie my backpack straps together so I could sheath it over the handle on my trolley bag. Sadly no real time here to explore Wat Phnom, a peaceful temple situated on a hill for which the city is named or anything else. (According to legend, a 14th-century woman named Penh found sacred Buddhist objects in the nearby river and placed them here on the small hill). What I DO do is head into the Russian Markets with most of the girls and wander the undercover area out of the sun with Jo picking all kinds of little bargains. And I have to laugh… Jo is good at the bargaining thing. I’m terrible. They say “$5” and I go to give them $5… however twice the market ladies looked at me weirdly and simply offered me a discount… like I’m just not playing the game properly. Very reminiscent of the scene in MONTH PYTHONS LIKE OF BRIAN when he is trying to buy the fake beard and escape but John Cleese’s vendor character keeps making him bargain properly. LOLS!
After we go folks din dins then a few bevvies at a riverside rooftop bar. Later as we head back, a few of the ladies indulge in a traditional massage at the Seeing Hands Massage parlours – they are some of the best in the city and my patronage supports the visually impaired masseurs, whose years of training are sure to work wonders on muscle aches and pains. Hopefully I can find one of these unique places myself later… post sunburn

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