Day 119, 120






Day 119 & 120… Fletch has some house and doctor errands to run, so I go out solo to check out some stuff. I head in to see the Cambridge Folk Museum to see a whole slew of local artefacts, then head off and watch Antman at the cinemas. On the way home met a squadron (?) of bulls grazing in the park (Cambridge has livestock wandering the parks… I kinda like that) & made a friend when one walked up to me to see what the zark I was doing. screw running with bulls… go pat one. Day 120… i jump up early and walk to the coach stop to travel to Milton Keynes… shopping mecca of the area. It’s huuuge… and I could care less. Why are we I here? My plan is to go to an ASDA Superstore (kind of a grocery/kmart/pharmacy) & go to thier 3D-ME booth to get a full body scan… with a mini-me Fletch head I planned ahead and had shipped to Fletch, attached to a ken doll sized antman action figure… to get in 21 days a 7 inch tall mini-me holding a minimini-me… represents me on tour for 180 Stays. Cheapest I have ever seen too! After that I had to kill 3 hours till the buses returned, so I wanted to see Terminator Genysis… but it is not on anymore. So Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation instead. It’s a fun film, I like the franchise. Then home I go to help fletch do some painting and clear out a back shed he needs to line.

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