Days 89,90


Day 89… screw it… day spent in hotel room and pool. Watched tv… sorted luggage… sorted photos and uploads… nice catch up day.

Day 90… up early is to begin the 12 hour flight to the UK!! Fletch… here I come buddy! And adding in the time shift… my day arose at 6.30… flew through the evening to catch the same sunrise again meaning I have been awake for a 38 hour day!

It is here I remind myself that the USA is home to a plethora of fast food joints. So here’s my round up:
Maccas – McDonald’s is pretty much the same EVERYWHERE. It’s part of the point. But each country has its own unique menu items and as I travel I am going to try them.
Ihop – I had heard this chain was kinda crap. Well I had dinner and breakfast at an Ihop restaurant… the food was pretty good. It’s like an aussie PANCAKES ON THE ROCKS chain.
Wendys – good burgers… not too bad and of course ice cream.
In & out burgers – very tasty burgers… Def go here if u are in america
Dennys – very average burgers and food. Greasy. Like burger king.

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