Day 91





Days 91 – 128
Day 91… OK…my first day in the UK and it feels great! Refreshing to be around a country that, honestly despite the Americanisation of Australia, is waaay more familiar to me. Its also just tht bit cooler than America for me… older awesome houses… old cars… classy villages… fantastic accents… better food (sorry USA… but you so do NOT know good cheese and your milk is watered down a lot). So I wander about & get to know Cambridge… grab a pub lunch… see WHERE things are & visit the tourist information centre for … well… tourist info. In the evening I get to hang with my sensational mate Fletch and his wife Sylvie and the kids: Lilou, Archer & Noah. Great 1st day… and a nice slow start. Now this trip I don’t get to see Wales or Scotland… but I DID get to see them and lots more UK countryside back in 1996… so collages and photos for there will appear in previous posts.

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