Day 88






Day 88… luggage coming apart so new bag needs to be bagged. This thing has had a good run… 3 months of zarking hard wear thru south america, central and north america… shoddy baggage handlers… cobblestones… badly paved streets and mud. But now it must go on to a better place… luggage heaven. The replacement bag was a chore to find. 1st since its Sunday half the mall close to me is closed. So I wait it out at the local cinema and watch TED2. that done I find the store open… and luggage free. Dejected I grab subway lunch and return to movies and watch SAN ANDREAS. Both great films. Then as I try to find a cab back to hotel… I spot a SEARS… and inside… SUCCESS!! I am newly luggaged. After I drop the case off I book a small prop engine plane flight out across the desert to view the arizona meteor crater and then across Kingsman airport the airplane graveyard or boneyard if you like. Was a great little flight… sadly no landing… but then return tothen hotel and … first help clean the pooland a bit from the dust storm detritus… then spend 2 hours in the hotel pool. Now to grab dinner (ironically at the OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE as its the closest to me) then update the old blogs..

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