Day 87





Day 87… fly to phoenix and enjoy hotel… however the hotel i was supposed to stay at had this ridiculous policy of not taking my money if the credit card I had did not have my name on it. Never heardof this in all the travels I have done. So I shuck my gear next door and ruin a wheel to the Holiday Inn… nice place and half the price. WIN!! So after check in I get a message buzz thru on my locked phone… emergency alert… severe monsoonal dust storm. So with that I need food so I head off to find some. I get as far as the next hotel over when the wind and dust come blasting in carrying bits of tree and rocks. I retreat with foods n beer back to hotel. Lucky I am out of town… the winds black out major chunks of the city! So fed and tv-ed up I drift off to sleepy-bo-bos…

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