Days 74, 75






ok… so change of plans on blog updates. I will be posting ONE collage here on FB, FB page, Tumbler, google+/ page, Dropbox and Instagram… for MORE pics they will always be on my blog here at:

I can upload everything in 1 post here.

now… Days 74-75 Grand Canyon
Drive from Monument Valley to the Grand Canyon (260 km, approx 3 hrs), stopping at Native American trading posts on the way. And still there remains a bizarre lack of totem poles… almost as if the ancestral memory of them were too much to bear… much like the memory of a certain J.Beibers supposed music.

The Grand Canyon is another one of the world’s seven wonders and off my bucket list it gets ticked! It’s 450 km long, 6-30 km wide and 1600 m deep, and i marvel at this immense canyon on a “short” hike into the canyon. 1 hour down… specmagical views… perch on a sheer precipice for a photo… then 90 mins of lung bursting, thigh melting walking back up to the surface.

The canyon itself honestly can’t be described in words alone. It is immense, majestic, and mind bubblingly stunning. Glad I had my tour mates Natalie, Marcia and Paul along. The girls powered back up and Paul stayed with me. At 60 he probably didn’t mind too much. We spot a squirrel and pat/ feed the cute little bugger until we discover they carry rabies and (I kid u not) the zarking BLACK PLAGUE! Run away… run awayyy!

Evening we set up camp and get to know 70% of an Intrepid tour group an we absorb in Vegas watching the sun set across the canyon and drink beers.

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