Day 78




Day 78 Death Valley
This is a long driving day covering more than 550 km through Death Valley and across the Eastern Sierra.
One of the hottest deserts on the planet, temperatures in Death Valley rise to record-breaking levels (up to 56C in summer). The National Park includes a wealth of geological phenomena: large sand dune formations, sculpted rocks, isolated valleys and volcanic craters. The canyon and mountain walls change colour with the changing sunlight. Elevations fluctuate from 85 m below sea level near Badwater Point (the lowest point in the United States) to 3756 m above sea level at Telescope Peak. Stop at the visitor centre and, heat permitting, take a walk on the stunning salt flats. Then camp. Amusingly I was deep in conversation with camp buddies when group leader needed me. He called a few times then quietly called out LORD REVEREND… which I responded to. .. first time I ever have. He thought it was pretty badass 🙂 Also I have managed to inject some Aussie culture/ slang into a few vocabularies out here… “Christ on a bike” has wormed in to some as well as “no wuckkas”… people love these phrases!

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