Day 70, 71


Day 70: Carlsbad Caverns National Park
Driving across Texas, enter the deserts of New Mexico on our way to Carlsbad Caverns (745 km, approx 9 hrs including lunch stop). Aaand of course after my goddamn phone dying as we pull into a Walmart so I can buy a new one… my credit card is gone. Lost. VERY a gry and a little upset. My usual cold guts panic is there but very brief… my anger at the whole thing is even shorter than usual. So my coping abilities are slowly getting better… which is good. Thinking ahead i find my multi cash card still worked so I have a phone… just need to top it up to the gills and stop the card then report it lost and order a new one… somehow. So I am good to go.

Anyway… we set up camp and I take a dip in the pool before its my turn to cook. I made my simple herb pasta aldente which everyone enjoyed which was nice. Then thru the night as we slept we could hear the sounds of real honest to god coyotes howling into the night. Eerie but cool.

Day 71 Santa Fe
Early morning we head to one of the largest caverns in the world, Carlsbad Cavern is still only partially explored. We hike deep into the 8.2 acre ‘Big Room’ and beyond… seriously all of Jenolan would fit into ONE cavern here… absolutely mind swimmingly huge! We couldnt take a seat outside the park to witness the overwhelming sight of the bat flight – thousands of bats swarming out of the caverns, since its seasonal and the bats migrate south in October for the winter, and is best viewed in July/August. We JUST missed them. Oh well… still zarking spectacular.

Continue the journey north to Santa Fe (470 km, approx 6.5 hrs) with a stop in Roswell! It is quite lame… visitor centre had no souvenirs and 8 blocks to shops for them. Also every 2nd shop we passed going in to it had alien statues out front… the visitor centre did not. You had ONE job Roswell… one job. I was actually quite flabbergasted at how crap it is considering how iconic Area 51 is.

Well… the capital of New Mexico, Santa Fe, is the oldest capital city in the US. I can visit the town plaza surrounded by pueblo architecture, view the south-western art and décor at local museums or enjoy a drink and take in Santa Fe’s quaint atmosphere. Terribly exciting… and STILL no souveneir totem poles.

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