Day 66, 67


Days 66- 67 New Orleans
Head 650 km across the state of Mississippi to New Orleans – otherwise known as the ‘Big Easy’. New Orleans’s eclectic mix of European, Creole and Cajun culture manifests itself in every aspect of the architecture, cuisine and music scene. Take in the sights and sounds (& strip clubs and heady stink) of Bourbon Street and some cooool jazz, wander through the sculpture garden and absorb the ambience of the French Quarter. Though frankly I would have preferred more jazz or in Memphis, blues. New orleans is just nasty. So many people hanging on street corners ready to follow and mug you (and obviously too)… just felt totally unsafe all the time here… no other city feels this manky.

We also did the Honey Island Swamp Tour which kicked some serious butt. Gators… wild pigs… much much cooler than the shitty one I did in Florida. Jumped on a day tour bus to see some sights as well as some Hurricane Katrina damage and at night a walking Voodoo Museum Tour (amusingly enough it left from Reverend Zombies voodoo shop).

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