Day 65


Day 65 Memphis
Memphis is the home of the Blues… and Elvis Presley worship. Just out of Memphis is Graceland – Elvis Presley’s former home and the site of his tomb. Here we get to tour the mansion – including the famous Jungle Room – and also see Elvis’s cars and private planes as well as Sun Studio – the ‘Birthplace of Rock’. It boasts the first recordings of legendary performers like Elvis, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis. It is slightly surreal in there as you really get to feel just how ridiculously incredible his reverence is. Second only to Jesus Himself, Elvis truly is King here. In the evening, we head down to Beale Street’s traditional blues clubs, made famous by legends such as Louis Armstrong, Muddy Waters and B.B. King. Finding a cool bar (& so far the last few days we see bars that serve you in cups TO GO and off you wander drinking all the way like alcoholic holy men on a quest for drunken enlightenment). The band we saw was brilliant and comprised 4 old black guys who seriously knew their stuff. The lead guitar guy even headed into the audience to play a blues riff with HIS TONGUE! I kid you not. Then back for camp food and a dessert surprise… $3 each gets us amusingly pink caddilac limo shuttle to the restaurant for an awmusinglywesome dessert… and watch the heavens open outside again with torrential rains and 45 mph winds. Back at camp my tent is fine but the girls is soaked… to the van they go!

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