Days 61,62


Days 61-62 (June 1,2) Washington DC
Having most of the good collages on my frozen phone… these next few days will only be quick 1-collages.

Today we drive south towards the nation’s capital along the historic ROUTE 66, stopping at Philadelphia on the way. At philly i quickly take a look at the Liberty Bell then grab a reuben sandwich. While here for lunch, one of our girls shows us her clumsy side by spilling an entire smoothie over herself much to the amusement of all. Then our legend tour guide/ driver bundles us into the van to continue on to Washington DC. Tonight we set up camp… tents… campfire cooked food and some beers. A good intro night and fun had by all. Randomly we also stumble onto the guy who helped FOUND the tour company I am travelling with and chat to him… well listen to HIS stories… for ages. A novel contact to have.

The next day we get into the nation’s capital, Washington DC, to easily explore by foot. Its a wet yucky day so we quickly check out the White House, Capitol Building and Washington Monument before retreating into the Smithsonian complex of museums… Natural History, National Air and Space Museum, as well as many other museums of interest. In the evening I stroll through Georgetown, the centre of the city’s nightlife and have an marvellous feed at a local pub followed by a night tour of the monuments lit up at night including a visit to the giant Abe Lincoln statue. He’s an impressive bugger.

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