Day 56


Day 56 – the ONLY day I get to see New York City. I do it solo & exhaust myself squeezing everything in bar the 9-11 memorial. I saw Central Park which is ludicrously expansive, the New York Library (as seen in GHOSTBUSTERS), the Ripleys Museum after McLunch, then jumped a tour bus where I see the Empire State, Chinatown, Little Italy, Maddison Square Gardens, then jump off to hunt down the Hook & Ladder Firehouse that was the headquarters in GHOSTBUSTERS. I FOUND IT! & luckily a just-arriving fire guy let me in to get a photo with the Ghostbusters 2 sign hanging in there. AWESOOOOMMME! Then I head to the peir for my cruise to see the NY harbour, Brooklyn Bridge & of course… Lady Liberty! Really great stuff! Surprised iI crammed in association much as I did… NY is zarking huuuge! The equivalent of 12 Sydney jigsawed together!

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