Day 55


Day 55 – up STUPIDLY early to get to the airport for my Niagra/ Canada day tour. The airline totally screwed me over & I missed my flight to the tour! The woman kept confirming the wrong info with me till it was too late – hell, she ran off when I went to complain. Thankfully after much headache I got the next flight & had to get a $100 taxi over to Canada to meet the tour (the tour group is to refund me half). After that I met some lovely people & saw Naigra Falls… which was very nice (though nowhere NEAR as good as Iguazu Falls). See a tiny bit of Canada which I hereby dedicate to my Dad… he always wanted to see Canada. Then back to USA… only to be held up at the border because out bus “smelled of marijuana”… didn’t to me. So 2 hours we all wait & then get a new bus to JUST LITERALLY make the flight home. Back to Air BnB to recoup.

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