Days 44,45





Day 44 n 45 – JAMAICA SELF TOUR: 2 days

Fly out to Jamaica… land late & meet with my Air BnB host Verun to check in & grab a GREAT steak meal & local beer. Then… sleep.

Day 45 – Woke up & headed to the Bob Marley Museum, but 1st I stopped in at a little art gallery near me. I am staying in a non-tourist area so public transport is OUT! I am a beacon to muggers… heck even after the Museum (which was way better than I thought) I was followed with the whole “sending thekids to school” speil. Thankfully I had bugger all in my wallet so when I opened it to give it all to him, he saw that & left me alone. Taxis are the way to go & I found a great guy to use. Then I met up with my mate Racquel Brown to while away the day of the National Art Gallery & Devon House for famous Jamaican Patties (basically pies but folded up not in pastry ‘bowls’ like ours) & ice cream. At night, Raq was not feeling up to going out so I enjoyed a burger & watched season 1 of THE BLACKLIST on hosts Netflix.

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