Days 34,35


Day 34, 35 Palenque

Today we have an early start and do 10 hours in bus to Palenque. The following day we will hit the ruins with a local guide in Palenque to see the local ruins which were fantastic! I say they are the best so far as they were really overgrown, you could not only climb them but go INSIDE & the views were amazing! Palenque itself is situated on a hilltop in an area of hot jungle and is home to possibly the most impressive series of Mayan ruins, which date back at AD600. After the ruins we head to a sinkhole to swim under & in the waterfalls after a Mexican BBQ lunch with free beers, and we even got to see some wild howler monkeys up close at the waterfall of Misol-Ha and the natural pools of Agua Azul. I took a dip in the turquoise pools, but be sure to follow local advice on where to swim, as the current in some areas is very strong.

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