Day 33


Day 33 – Chichen Itza/Merida

Today we hop on a local bus at about 8am, heading towards the ruins of Chichen Itza (approx. 3 hours) This bus is rather fun because I cruise through little villages seeing the Mexican life outside the city of Cancun. For snacks I can try the vendors that come into the buses selling sweets, sandwiches, tacos and all that good stuff. Theres about 2-3 hours to spend at Chichen Itza before we travel onwards.

One of the most impressive Mayan sites, Chichen Itza which I think were better than Machu Pichu… but not as good as theTeotihuacan ones. Still amazingly cool though! After a tour with a local guide we travel on to Merida (approx. 2 hours) where we will spend the night. My tour leader will take us to the centre of town and show Iome of the main sites of this beautiful city as well as some yummy street food.

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