Day 28


Day 28 – Canals & Island of the Dolls. No alarm today. Just up & grab 2 sets of trains to see Mexico city’s canals. They are a bit grimy, but in the open water around the HUUUGE lake it gets more natural. The 3 hour trip gets me to THE CREEPIEST PLACE I HAVE EVER SEEN! The legend is that after a little girl died on or near the island, the guy who lived there kept trying to appease her angry spirit by hanging doll after doll around the place. The result after yars of decay & open air & insects is a forest of creepy, dead-eyed dolls hanging there staring into your soul. After 10 mins I had enuff & headed back. Then I explored the city a bit & finally got back to home. Sadly Chess had a work errand to do that was important & couldn’t join Paola & me for dinner, but the food was great! Alcoholic ice cream to start then Mexican pizza & THE BEST way to drink a beer EVER! Then a tired home I go to pack for Cancun.

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