Days 12, 13







Day 12: Today I will be collected from my hotel and taken to visit the famous Witch Doctor’s Market (with potions, fortune tellers, things to offer the holy weeks for good luck & honest to god dead baby llamas for religious sacrifce!), & a trip up the La Paz cable cars (their trains – streets are too narrow for busses & too steep for trains). The tour continues to PlazaMurillo where the Cathedral, the Government Plaza and the national Congress buildings are located. Then, visit the replica of the semi-subterranean temple of the Tiwanaku Culture. My tour concluded with a visit to the unique Moon Valley which look sfor all the world like the surface of the moon! So named only after Neil Armstrong visited & commented on that – i guess if anyone knows its him!

Day 13 = flights n boredom..

2 thoughts on “Days 12, 13

  1. How can flights = boredom… Surely you can see how many little packets of peanuts you can get for one flight? Also see if you can get me an Air Peru kids pack. I’m really hoping they come with inflatible llamas or somesuch…

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