Day 4, pt 2


Day 4, pt 2: it’s off to the Nape Centre – a communal organisation that produces medicines for the tribes & communities using native Amazonian plants… such as dyes… a natural herbal Viagra (again… seriously!)… cancer agents… & even a totally effective anaesthetic! After this we all retreat to dine on more Amazonian food & a refreshing Inka Kola (SERIOUSLY tasty drink – like creaming soda mixed with pineapple soft drink!) PS – also met some wonderful couples from Canada here (a little older but still great fun), my excellent guide Gilbert & an older American couple I am pleased to say are new fast friends – Konrad & Barbara! Also see that wierd plant up there? Cocoa… where chocolate comes from. Tastes nothing like it… feels like intestines. Remove flesh and roast nuts = choccy

Days 5 – 10 soon folks…

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