Legs 11…


LEGS 11 DAYS TO GO! Nearly into the single digits! So we have 1 final pre-180 Stays entry… Stay 15 – Melbourne. This stay is a very personal one for me – it came shortly after my mum died of that cancer. After a horrendous time, my brother & best friend Craig Hamilton went on a week long road trip to just get the hell away for a while & clear our collective heads. I don’t remember much about the trip to be honest… it was a harrowing time for me. What I do remember is my mate being there for me… & a wonderful pit-stop on the way home where we just stopped for a while beside the Murray River serenely passing by – deep… cool… clear… surrounded by trees… & serene.

Well that concludes the short trip down memory lane – next stop is Stay 16: LIMA!

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