Stays 2 & 3 – Tasmania (Hobart/ Launceston). These were my 1st out-of-state stays & occured in high school on a camping excursion to Cradle Mtn. I was not a strong teenager, very skinny & a bit of a nerd, but I went anyway with (according to the teachers) the bare minimum to pack. I had about 20kgs of over-packed gear (literally half I could have gone without) & was unable to continue after only 20 mins in. So the teachers – left with the decision to cancel it all or head on without me (the 2 of them couldnt split up as 1 adult in the wild was not enough) – the head teacher gave me $100 & told me to find my way to Hobart & left me in the middle of Tassie… alone. Honestly I had a blast & it helped me learn to talk to strangers & fend for myself – I know it could have gone terribly wrong, but thankfully it was OK.

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