Festivals: there many festivals in around Australia in any point in time and when I was in Surfer’s Paradise… I happened to be there for the Gold Coast Festival. There were lots of fireworks, open air markets, buskers & at night time interesting things going on such as comedians & magicians as well as concerts on the beach. I got to sit down on a GLORIOUS night in the sand & listen to the surf washing up in front of me while some brilliant music was being played behind me – TOP STUFF!

Adventure in surfers paradise is just like any touristy things area… there’s plenty of adventure to be had… some skydiving… bungee jumping… speed boating… aquatic bus-things… etc. But for me personally I’ve been dying to get back to some scuba diving & snorkelling, so I kayaked out to Bribey Island. THAT was an awesome experience and I was able to snorkel for a while on a fantastic day with sunshine… just wasn’t long enough. Another good night which was a bit of an adventure was out with a river tour which was just great… I got to see the sun come down across Surfer’s Paradise and enjoy the cruise with good commentary which didn’t get overbearing… good people & a couple of beers. Surfers also has their tallest building at 72 stories which you can go up and stand out on a transparent glass floor to check out everything below you… you can climb on top of it just like you can in Sydney with the Harbour Bridge Climb… or failing that you stand there inside & grab a beverage and check out the splendorous view out to the horizon.

Finally food and beer is a header in the world of my 180 stays tour… I do want to check out some of the more interesting local cuisines while I am overseas as well as some cheaper cuisine. As I was in Surfers Paradise, it was pretty standard fare… meat pies, fish and chips, hamburgers… everything was tasty as hell and I tried a good many beers while there… logging them on my app: Untappd.

So that’s the start of 180 stays… hopefully it won’t be too boring and I hope you enjoy this as much is I will doing it!

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