Ok now to the unconventional section of Surfers Paradise: Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is a little bit pedestrian unless you have kids who wanna get up close to Aussie animals. Most people know about the park… but not many people know about the adventure park therein (the cable/ zip-line/ tree course is set for basic level entry as well as high level adventure adrenaline rushes)! You can go in and wander around checking out the wildlife, birds, animals, and the Australiana show which was really fun… especially if you get picked to be a ‘volunteer’ on stage as I was… I enjoyed sitting in on that. The various animal shows & feeding times are enjoyable… as is the Aboriginal dance. By far the best thing to do there is get your arse in early for a spot at the Rainbow Lorikeet feeding – because being SWARMED by those little colourful buggers is a delightful experience.

Another unconventional centre to check out is the Draculas Horror House. Dracs is actually an extremely popular themed restaurant in surfers paradise and the Horror House is a childish ball of fun with 5 levels of absolute mayhem using good props, special effects and dummies to scare the bejeezus out of you! There are some areas that are VERY well set out and frankly kinda disturbing.

Finally there is the Surfer’s Paradise Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum. There are many scattered around this planet and Surfer’s Paradise is Australia’s one. I had one of the best times there of the entire trip… it was just a lot of crazy stupid stuff… there’s an app to download to scan Q-codes scattered throughout giving you more info to keep & silly photo ops (like turning yourself into a shrunken head). Near the end is a ridiculous room with music you get to just dance and make a fool of yourself watching your shadow split into various special effects on a screen in front of you… loved every second of that!

Secret areas of Surfers Paradise. One I discovered on the way out of my hotel on am island was the Surfers Wax Museum. It isn’t terribly well signposted and I have to say not overly spectacular in & of itself… however it is definitely worth it for the half hour tour the guys give you underground in their torture chamber. The tour guides know their history & know how to tell a story.

Something else DEFINITELY worth mentioning (& I tell everyone I know about this if they get to Surfers) is a thing called Infinity. It’s an odd little themed-ride/ room/ park/ WTF smack in the middle of one of the Surfers Paradise shopping malls – it is a totes trippy experience. You go through about 2 dozen different rooms which play with your senses… darkened rooms lit by lasers or holograms… the coolest ones have mirrors above you around you and below you with fibre optic filaments in the walls so it feels like you’re standing in space… you can’t see anything else around you, it’s an amazing, surreal feeling & I friggin love it!

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