Now as I am remembering this trip, I can order the sequences as I please… however the REAL tour will be a post-per-day thing to be edited together as a video later. Now for the places you know in surfer’s paradise are of course, the various theme parks for which this place is famous for. I enjoyed the 3-theme park pass & went to Movie World, Sea World and the Wet n Wild water park. Day 1 of my Surfers holiday I just got acclimatized and acquainted with the town& I will get to that later on.

My 1st theme park was at Movie World and I had an absolute BLAST! It was just fantastic… I went on many rides – often multiple times like a big old child (some would argue that’s normal). One of my favourites was the Superman ride & – though it was really a slower kids 3D shoot-em-up ride-slash-game… Justice League was a HOOT! So I just settled in and enjoyed being a tourist!

The 2nd was Sea World and that was great… a little bit drizzly and rainy but not too bad… but over-all, the park not quite as fun from what I remember from when I was there 21 years ago. It seems much more kiddie-centric now with not a lot for adults to do… unless you pay a LOT more to go diving with sharks and such. Honestly if I hadn’t done that (extra to pat & get photos of me with a dolphin & a massive seal – both experiences were just wonderful & I DO recommend them), I probably would have left by lunch.

My 3rd and final theme park day I went when it was raining, but I didn’t mind as I was already wet at the Wet n Wild water park! I had a friggin’ blast there going down all the ridiculous water slides and enjoying myself immensely… also coz it was raining, there were no queues! WIN!

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