Ok… welcome to AROUND THE WORLD IN 180 STAYS. This introductory article is to explain what the hell it’s all about. Essentially I had a few unsavoury events occur on my particular time line and coming out the other side, I decided to hell with it… I’m going to go around the damn planet.

What were these events you ask? Well in the last 7 years I’ve lost 2 fiancés, two step kids, my entire life savings, my home, and my job (twice) and in Christmas 2012 my dad was murdered in a home invasion… so to top all that off with a whole bunch of trips to see police solicitors and a-hole banks… because life decided to direct my life into crazy like bananas territory. I think I deserve a bit of a treat… a break… and by God around the planet is where I’m headed.

Now this is a pretty big event for me – a life-long dream really, so I fully intend to document the hell out of this the best I can. I will be taking a LOT of photos (obviously)… video… & this here blog.

I will try to capture the sequences I want for 180 stays as follows… PLACES YOU KNOW/ THE UNCONVENTIONAL/ SECRET AREAS/ ADVENTURE/ HISTORY & FESTIVALS (these will be dependent on what festivals are on when I am actually IN said country)/ FOOD & BEER (I am on a quest to try as many different beers that I like as possible & to eat at least 1 native food stuff per country).

So to try and get a handle on blogging and posts, I will tell the story of my recent trip to Queensland on the Gold Coast to get my head around it all. So without further adieu… let’s look at chapter Zero… or the prelude… to 180 Stays.

My trip began in early April 2014 with some excellent friends of mine. That first week was a fun experience as I wound down & began to relax. I checked out the Brisbane Supanova comic convention here in Australia, followed by a little tooling around in Brisbane’s museums and up in the Brisbane eye. While there I also checked out the Clive Palmer motel/ golf course/ thing which has an entire range of animatronics dinosaurs along with the ‘Palmersaurus’ exhibition (the dinosaurs are scattered around a short walk & is TOTALLY not worth the 40 dollars entry fee, let me tell you)! For reference Clive Palmer is an Australian billionaire who is also bat-crap crazy… & interestingly now in Government as well.

I also checked out Bly Bly castle as 1 of the only castles we have in Australia (seeing that we are only like 230 years old as a civilisation & we never HAD a dark ages full of knights & crap), took a look at the huge outdoor markets at Maroochydore, and of course threw in a few token walks along the beach. But that’s not where the story ends… that was just the wind-down (for me) & wind-up (for the fun) & continues when I hit the Gold Coast… and that is where we begin our story…

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